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Check out some of our lessons. Each video comes with quiz game.

The app has animations and quiz games on all essential school topics. We keep adding topics everyday. Download today.





Animations on school lessons

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Research has shown that humans learn through two channels, namely visual and audio. For effective learning, both channels must be utilized. For this reason, Graidup has animations on all contents. This allows children to learn through both channels thereby making learning more effective. Lessons are delivered through animated stories, rhymes, songs, and many more.

Quiz games on school lessons

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After every animated lesson, children must test their knowledge in a fun and interesting way. Hence, Graidup has a quiz game for every lesson. The Graidup Quiz Game is also designed to teach. The questions are expertly arranged to reinforce learning.

Reading and pronunciation

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Children also learn how to read. When a word appears on the screen, just pronounce, and Graidup will check if the pronunciation was correct or not. Children can get help on pronunciation by touching the individual letters that make up the word.

A tool for parents to get involved in their children’s education

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Graidup is also a tool for parents to be involved in their children’s education. All you need to do is to sit by your child and review the school lesson in Graidup. First watch a video on the lesson, then discuss the questions after the video. Through this, you are giving your child the advantage of individual learning which they can’t get in the classroom.




100% offline

If you have a slow network, remember that Graidup content can be saved and accessed offline. This prevents frustrations due to slow network and makes learning smooth. Children can learn anytime and anywhere uninterrupted.







In Primary


In Primary


In Kindergarten

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In Kindergarten


Best Way to Get Involve In Education

Just spend 10 minutes to learn a lesson with your child. This is enough to complete the curriculum. Graidup covers topics in school curriculum using animations, interesting stories, quiz games and more. Complicated school topics that cannot be explained adequately on blackboards are brought to life.

Who should get Graidup?

If your child spends too much time watching TV

We know children love cartoons, movies and games. In Graidup, every school topic has been developed into interesting cartoon movie and interactive quiz game. Instead of watching TV and potentially getting exposed to harmful content, children have fun on tablet whilst learning.

If your child plays too much

It is indeed true that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. However, there is the future waiting for every child. Playing too much will not make them ready. But parents can take advantage of this desire to let children learn. Graidup serves as a play time for children and during this period of fun, children are actually learning the essential things they will need for the future. Thanks to the interactive quiz games based on school topics.

If quality learning tools are too expensive

Graidup is made affordable so all parents can give their children the best education without spending a fortune. If you do the mathematics, cost of textbooks is far more than the cost of Graidup. Plus, textbooks are not interactive, they cannot speak, and mostly boring.

If you want to help your child to learn at home

Graidup helps children revise school lessons at home. Moreover, every child is unique and learns at different pace. In school the teacher is trying to meet the requirement of all the students in the classroom which is not possible. The best is to give your child the changes to learn school topics at their own pace to enhance understanding.

If you want to encourage your child to learn more

Graidup creates the platform for all school going child to be more enthused in learning something new. Children can learn ahead of their class and be more interactive in the classroom. The praise they will get through excelling the class always encourages them to learn more.




Manasseh Koby
Jun 10, 2020
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I love this app, my daughter loves it too. Very educative.
Ruth Asare Agbalenyo
Apr 7, 2020
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Perfect app for kids my small girl love it anytime they call for learning time thank you so much you've done it better for us.
Yvette Aggrey
Apr 7, 2020
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This app helps my kid a lot. I use it when I want to learn with my child. It is the easiest way to get involved in my child education. All I do is pick a lesson. After watching the lesson, I watch her answer the quiz games. She has improved a lot since I started using the app.
Hassan Hakib
Jun 19, 2020
Read More
Very educative app, helps a lot, thanks so much to your team and the developer, good job done.
Stephen Sam
May 22, 2020
Read More
Best App for my kids. Thank u Graidup. I don't worry myself with my kids at home learning based on GES syllabus. Pls worldwide. I recommend this App for kids' education.
Elliotte Dadson
Elliotte Dadson
May 14, 2020
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My daughter love it, it's user friendly.I love the notification she receives when it's time for her to learn.Graid up is the best💯
Kwame Kwashitse
Kwame Kwashitse
May 1, 2020
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This app is very good. My son is enjoying it. I can find most of his school lessons. All I need it to sit by him and learning goes ln.
ntim yvonneApr 7, 2020
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This is the best educative app that makes learning very easy for kids through watching of educative cartoons and playing of quiz games after every lesson. This app has helped my brother to improve a lot in school therefore this is a must have app for all kids💯💯
Samuel Abu
Apr 7, 2020
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Is good for people's to download this app for their children
eugene okae
October 7, 2019
Read More
Very educative and make learning fun
Aidatu Abubakari
Aidatu Abubakari
June 26, 2020
Read More
Kudos guys. Thanks for developing this app
Daniel Koranteng
September 12, 2019
Read More
Excellent I love this app really good for my kid
Sandy Dey
May 1, 2020
Read More
Having the opportunity to learn without a teacher's direct influence has made my children value independent study.The animation is on point.Thank you Graid up



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