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As parents, we want to see our children happy and to achieve this we buy them toys and other gadgets. Read More

Tablets are great gadgets for making kids busy and quiet, especially for harassed parents who have more urgent things to do than attending to their kids. Unlike other gadgets, tablets can last for years whilst other playing toys, which might be cheaper, last just a couple of months. Tablets can also be a great bribery tool, as parents use it to make kids behave or sit quietly. Graidup is not just a tablet for kids to keep them busy. Graidup is the only educational tablet that uses animations and games based on school topics from British, American and Ghanaian curriculum using cartoons, interesting quiz games, and more features to make kids learn by themselves. Graidup is ideal for kids who play and watch television excessively.

Some of the benefits of using Graidup tablet are:

A powerful educational tool

Tablets can be a powerful educational tool with Graidup been a great reading tool. Compared to kids who only use books, kids who learn or read on Graidup are more engaged, cooperative and willing to speak up.

Aptitude for technology

With the use of Graidup tablet, kids develop an aptitude for technology, which is an important skill now and more so in the future. Technology will be a part of his/her school learning. It is therefore reasonable for your kid to explore this world at an early age.

Easy to learn to understand

With Graidup tablet, complicated school topics are made visual on the screens through stunning animations which makes it easier and faster for kids to learn and understand.


Children can learn on their own and study at any time of the day with or without a tutor, making them innovative with the use of Graidup. Graidup App makes it more beneficial for kids who use it. It serves as an ICT empowerment tool for the kids. They tend to get familiar with the digital world, at the same time enjoying their class lessons on the tablet.

Excited in learning

In conclusion, we know children are fun lovers of cartoons, movies, and games. Graidup tablet and educational App is in to help children in this technological era, in their academics, broaden their mind scope and eradicate the use of lots of books in learning which becomes boring within a short period.

Graidup Tab 7 specifications

GHS 649.00

Comes with silicon protective case. Comes fully loaded with Graidup content based on school topics.

Graidup Tab 10 specifications

Comes with leather protective case. Comes fully loaded with Graidup content based on school topics.