About us

When we were kids we wanted an exciting and easy way to understand topics, but never found one. Now, as adults, we want to fix this. After years of rigorous scientific analysis, we discovered the secret and TLM was born. TLM Ghana Ltd is e-learning software developer based in Accra, Ghana. Our latest product is designed to making understanding of topics easy and fun for children. At TLM Ghana Ltd, we exploit state-of-the-art technologies to make teaching easy and learning fun. Learning doesn’t have to be boring. We leverage what children love to do already and turn them into a powerful teaching and learning tool.

We Make Graidup!!!

Our passion is to educate and entertain kids ‘in a very interactive and exciting way.


Frank Aninkorah
Frank Aninkorah

Frank Aninkorah

General Manager

Meet our General Manager
Nana Obrimpong Toku Dum VIII (Eric Aggrey)
Nana Obrimpong Toku Dum VIII (Eric Aggrey)

Nana Obrimpong Toku Dum VIII (Eric Aggrey)


   Meet our CEO
Isaac Ofori
Isaac Ofori

Isaac Ofori

Animation Manager

Meet our Animation Manager

Why Choose Graidup

Our Vision

To empower children to learn anything,anywhere, and anytime.

Our Mission

To develop user-friendly, intelligent and
exciting teaching and learning
materials through the exploitation of
state-of-the-art technologies.

Our Core Values


We empower our staff and customers
to do more with less.


We are not afraid to try
new ideas.


We listen to our staff, users
and customers


We care for our customers.
We always ensure they are

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