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Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Before you are permitted to use the Services, you are required to accept the Terms and Conditions and any special terms, as the case may be before you (User) are permitted to utilize this service. Terms and Conditions and any special terms are accepted by clicking “accept” button on the user interface.

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Access to Website Information

The responsibility of obtaining and maintaining the equipment to use and access information on the TLM Ghana Limited website or app is yours. All the subscription charges required for download of our product or service from our site should be incurred by the user or the customer. TLM Ghana Limited may obtain some personal information during the time you access our website and the use of this personal information by TLM Ghana Limited is governed by the Privacy Policy statement of the website. By using our website and providing personal information, you accept that the information provided is accurate.

Termination of Terms and Conditions

TLM Ghana Limited may terminate, suspend or modify the website or your registration providing a 30 days written notice of cancellation to the email address provided to TLM Ghana Limited as part of Your Registration Data or by any other suitable means which ensure that you will be able to take notice of the cancellation.


You agree that TLM Ghana Limited, as part of the Services, places or displays to you advertisements, promotion materials or other content and materials or products for promotional purposes.

In any event, TLM Ghana Limited will only send you marketing emails or newsletters and will only try to contact you directly by phone for marketing purposes where you have explicitly opted to receive such information and communication, for example, when you registered for the Services.

Privacy and protection of personal data

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